Building  a global family of Wealth Chefs


Building  a global family of Wealth Chefs

Ann provides you with a sure-fire recipe for living your life the way you want, free from concerns about money – and in my book, that’s rich.


Best Selling Author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, USA

Claire Glibbery & Peter Webster

Manager & Property Developer – UK

It is Ann’s authenticity and expertise that led us to make the decision to work with her. We have a seven year plan to be financially free and that feels amazing. It is very obvious that Ann genuinely wants to help people to achieve their financial goals and I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about achieving financial freedom take a leap of faith and work with her. She truly is amazing.

Becky Lippett

United Kingdom

I’ve become an investment junkie! Exactly one year in and I’ve paid of ALL my debt, invested in property, silver and the stock market, and we’ve just booked an all inclusive trip to Costa Rica and paid upfront with the proceeds of our “save to spend” pot. My husband is now on board too! We now have a much healthier net worth and are well on our way to financial freedom. It’s a game changer! Thank you Ann.

Seena Singh

South Africa

I feel inspired, motivated and confident and know for the first time that financial freedom is a reality for me. I trust Ann because it’s working in my life. My money is growing in the stock market, my investment property portfolio is expanding and very soon I’ll be able to leave my “day job” something I never dreamed would be possible.

I am no longer confused about what I need to do to ensure my financial future.


Business Owner and Coach, UK


Angela Durrant

United Kingdom

A huge big thanks to Ann Wilson – I am so clear on what to do to move forward. Before meeting Ann in FFU I was confused and scared about money in my life that I kept leaking and giving it away in many forms! Now I am juiced and turning the corner to build my financial freedom, debt is being destroyed and wealth created! Of all the courses I have bought, this by far is the most life changing.

Luan Davis

South Africa

My sister and I completed the course together and it has been so powerful. Although we thought we had left it way too late, we discovered little knowledge goes a long way. Ann, THANK YOU! Your lessons and guidance have changed our future and our present. It is life changing!

Greet Dyckmans

Coach & Trainer – Belgium

Thank you for being such an inspiration and giving people like me my life back. I love what I do but trading my time for money and the stress of a variable income cost me my social life, relationship and health. Thanks to FFU I have escaped this trap. I have attended a lot of courses but never experienced such an authentic intention to be of service and help other people.

Amanda Alexander

– Coach – UK –

FFU has been life-changing. It has enabled me to break through my “money fears” and has given me the courage and the know-how to navigate my finances during a VERY financially precarious and emotionally charged time – splitting up with my husband. This is essential for ANY couple. The investment I made in money and time has brought me a return far, far greater than the original sum invested.

Lee Randall

South Africa

I stumbled across FFU at just the right time – I was about to turn 50, was working 60+ hours per week and still battling to cover my monthly expenses. FFU took me from pretty clueless, to being a savvy investor, exploring a buy-to-let property investment, regularly buying stocks and moving forward on passive income options. The wealthy mindset stuff has for me been extremely valuable, my old poverty mindset went deeper than I had realised. Thanks very much!


Michael Maidens

Simple, fun and achievable wealth! Such an amazing and simple explanation of building wealth from the ingredients all around every one of us. This book has pulled back the dark curtain surrounding this mysterious topic and turned it into a fun and achievable journey! This is the most important book I have read and it has opened my eyes to finally understanding building true wealth.

S. Harris

Excellent. A must read! Sheer genius!! I found this book to be written in the language that I understand. It is both practical and pragmatic in that it shows the the way to wealth mastery, and does so in a manner that is easy to understand and very easy to follow; like a recipe. To top it off, it is written with passion by someone who has lived it and cares enough to show others how to do it. I purchased two books to give to two of my adult children.


Life Changing! Absolutely amazing. I just received my book and I devoured it in a matter of days. Its laid out in a very easy to understand manner and I can really see the changes taking place in my life. I've redesigned how I'm paying off my debt, finally gotten a personal brokerage account because I really feel like I understand enough to start investing, and I have my wealth vision finally as clear as it needs to be. This book has been a life-saver for finally taking charge of my expenses in an easy to understand, step by step, clearly laid out way.

S. Smith

A simple, digestible way of implementing the first steps to taking charge of becoming wealthy! Sometimes we know things but knowing does not mean we put it into action. This book will give anybody the necessary steps to get to grips with their finances and start changing how they think about their wealth in a way that can actually make a difference. The way Ann Wilson has written this book makes it simple to digest and implement. Worthwhile for those of us who intend to take charge of our destinies!!

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