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Be A Business Owner


Have you read articles or books, or heard people say, that having a business is how you create your financial freedom?

I agree completely… but not in the way you might think.

I do believe that if you want to have financial security – and be able to get off the rat race of endlessly selling your time and energy for money – you need to have a great business working hard for you

In fact I’ll go so far as saying you must have several great businesses working for you. 

Businesses that are churning out profits year after year, businesses that keep growing in value and keep paying dividends into your pocket.

The part that most people don’t get is that to add a great business into your asset drawer you don’t have to create a business.

Let me say that again…

You do not need to create a
business to own a great business

That’s wild!

  • You don’t have to pitch up for a day’s work. 
  • You don’t need to deal with staff and systems or any of the daily frustrations.
  • You don’t have to do a thing to share in the profits and see your asset grow in value. 


How the hell, Ann? 


I’m glad you asked.

You own great businesses around the world and benefit from their performance by being a shareholder in those businesses. 

That’s how.

It seems too simple right?

After all, we’ve been told we need to suffer and slave away and take risks and all that other BS in order to have the financial success we want.

That, plus the fact that many people think investing in the stock market is scary and risky, is the primary reason so few individual investors own shares in great businesses – and therefore never get the benefit of this ownership.

Let’s clear up one thing that trips many people up.

You don’t actually invest in a stock market. 

Stock markets are just the places around the world where shares in great companies are bought and sold. 

The stock market is a supermarket
for pieces of businesses

Stock market, stock exchange, share market, equity market – these all mean the same thing. The biggest stock exchanges in the world are in the USA – The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Exchange – but most reasonably sized economies have share markets.

When you hear the phrase “stock market investing,” we are actually talking about buying and owning shares in businesses. It should be called “business investing” because that’s what it actually is.

The best part is you can get a slice of these businesses for small amounts of dosh and own a whole bunch of them.

To start off you do this by buying a group of great businesses in a bundle with index trackers. With one investment in a tracker you get to own a whole bunch of shares in a variety of great companies. For example, if you invest in an S&P 500 index tracker you get to own little bits of the 500 biggest companies in the USA. 

You get to own 500 companies!


 Once you’ve got this part of your investing sorted you add some high performing businesses on top of your index tracker base.

At this stage you are looking for the best companies to own – when you’ve identified them you buy shares in those specific companies. This is often referred to as direct stock investing.

I have recently completed a comprehensive three part training series teaching you how to find and buy your high performing stocks to add on top of your index tracker investing. 

You can get this comprehensive 9 hour, three part video training series plus the slide decks plus transcripts for just $29! 

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Before you do all the hard work of trying to start and build your own business, make sure you line your wealth nest with a whole bunch of already successful businesses. These are the ones that will really give you freedom.

I am forever grateful I discovered I could be a business owner of a whole bunch of great businesses all those years ago and took the time to learn how to do it successfully. 

Now I get to live an extraordinary life as a result. I want this for you too.


Big love




P.S. If you are saying, “I’ll get to this later, right now I’m too busy at work or too busy with life” – then this is exactly what you need to do now!

The “When… then” monster is the biggest destroyer of dreams and freedom.

  • When I’ve got more time, then I’ll do the thing (learning to invest) that will give me more time!
  • When I’ve got more energy, then I’ll start exercising!
  • When I’ve got my business going, then I’ll invest in these other great businesses that are already performing and doing well.

Don’t wait for “when” – get great businesses working hard for you.

It’s easy and simple and safe.

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