Wealth Pie – The Most Effective Money Management System

Aka The Best Get Rich Quick Strategy In The World!

Wealth Pie is a money management system to divvy up the dosh that comes into your life. 

This is the greatest wealth truth there is…

It doesn't matter what you earn,
it doesn't matter how you earn it,
it doesn't even matter how you spend it. 

► What matters is what you do with money in between the inflows and the outflows. 

How you manage your money – how you allocate it, how you give it guidance and direction so it can support you in your life – is the most critical wealth skill that you need to learn.

That’s what this video is all about. Watch it now.



Our education teaches us how to go out there and earn money, i.e, how to work for money rather than how to make it work for you.

Advertisers and media tell us how to unthinkingly spend our money (and loads of money that isn’t even ours in the form of debt).


The most important element in
wealth creation is the gap between
the inflow and the outflow –
and what happens in that gap. 

What happens between these ins and outs determines your relationship with money and whether money will support and serve you – or enslave you. 

Wealth Pie teaches you
how to spend money well!

Wealth Pie is a money management system which is all about ensuring you allocate different amounts of money to your different life needs (and different time frame needs).

The reality is that your life needs are diverse; so are your financial needs. 

If you just have one big pile of money, sloshing around, trying to cover all of those needs, it's never going to be able to do that. 

Imagine having a sports team and nobody has a defined role to play. Everybody's in the goals or everybody's a shooter or a kicker or a sprinter or a dribbler (LOL).  It would be like a three-year-old football match where everybody's chasing the ball and getting nowhere. It might be funny to watch for a short while but it's not very successful. 

As in an effective sports team – where every player has a different, defined role with different objectives and contributions to the success of the whole – your money needs a plan. 

In your Wealthy Pie financial wellbeing team there are six key players – we’ll refer to them as pots

Every bit of money that comes into your life gets allocated to one of these pots and serves a specific function in your financial wellbeing. 

These are:

  1. 10% to your FREEDOM pot – where you pay yourself first and invest money into assets.
  2. 10% to your SAVE TO SPEND pot – where you keep the money you’ll spend later on.
  3. 10% to your GROWTH pot – to ensure you keep expanding you (not just with chocolate) so you have the capacity to hold the wealth you are creating and live your greatest life.
  4. 10% to your JOY pot – which is ensuring you PLAY and have FUN, something many of us need to be reminded to do.
  5. 55% to your NECESSITY pot – which covers your day to day lifestyle costs
  6. 5% to your GIVING pot – to remind you that there is ALWAYS enough to give to others, to those things you care about that expand your heart and soul.

The full Wealth Pie “recipe” is given in detail in The Wealth Chef book.


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So there you have it, Wealth Pie – wealth recipe #1. Because if you can’t manage your money you will never be able to create and sustain your wealthy life.

Believe me, this principle is really important to understand. Having worked with thousands and thousands of people I know this to be absolutely true.

Our wealth can only grow in direct proportion to our ability to manage, hold onto and invest the money that comes into our lives. 

How you handle money between the inflows and the outflows is going to have a direct impact on how much of that money you get to keep and how your wealth grows. So ensure you keep expanding you and your money skills.

There is also no better way to learn something than to teach it. Go teach Wealth Pie to someone you care about.

Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing so generously – and for choosing to master this key ingredient called money so you can live your juiciest life.

Remember, your freedom is created just one step at a time – and Wealth Pie is an important step. 


With huge love