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Pillar 1 of The 5 Pillars of Financial Resilience

Being a Great Leader To Your Money

If you don’t tell your money what to do, someone else will…

… and it generally won’t be in your best interest!

Being a great leader to your money IS the first step to having real sustainable financial security and creating wealth.

This is Pillar One of the Five Pillars of Financial Resilience, but before we dive into how to be a great leader to your money, let’s clear up a devastating myth that keeps most people in a poverty cycle.

Wealth is not a $ka-ching!$ event.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…


Wealth does not pitch up on your doorstep with an oversized cheque attached to a bunch of helium balloons.

Wealth is not automatically “ticked off” by you…

  • landing a great job…
  • getting that new lucrative contract you’ve been after…
  • winning the lottery (that’s your ticket to money hell, just saying)...
  • scoring at the “next great investment opportunity” (that’s another fast track ticket to money hell, just saying again)...
  • marrying somebody rich (oops, I almost gagged, nothing more to say)...
  • getting an inheritance when someone pops their clogs…


  • building a successful business (which is a great thing to do, but won’t automatically make you wealthy)

Your wealthy life is created by putting in place a 5-pillar financial resilience ecosystem designed to support and serve you through all life’s seasons.  

Now that we’ve got that devastating yet empowering bit of information clear, let’s dive into Pillar One of the Five Pillars of Financial Resilience.

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When you let go of trying to find “the thing” that will rescue you or fix your money problems – and instead put in the time and energy to create your financial resilience ecosystem – you will be able to be fully present to your amazing life and thrive no matter what life brings your way.

Whether it’s a global pandemic, whether it’s something that happens to your income, your health, a relationship challenge…

you will be able to ride life’s
storms and respond to the
opportunities that come your way

This is what resilience is. 

  • Resilience gives us a lightness of being
  • We can say yes to the things we want to say yes to
  • We can say no to the things we need to say no to
  • We can challenge the emotional and behavioural prisons we’ve been locked in by our upbringing and societal “norms”
  • We can be present with everything that’s available to us in this glorious thing called life

If you want to LIVE your precious life, rather than just SURVIVE it, you must have these five pillars supporting you. So let’s dive into

Financial Resilience Pillar #1 – Leadership and Management

First and foremost, we have to get clear that we are all already the CEO of the most amazing business in the world, the business called our One Precious Life.

What do you want your One Precious Life business to be about?

In more straightforward terms…

What the hell do you want?

Are you living your One Precious Life, or are you living a life that has been dictated to you by society, by your parents, by your socialization, by religion, by advertising, by sitcoms and RomComs, by Instagram?

It’s a tough question to answer because for most of us, when we pluck up the courage to stop and dare to answer, realise that we are not fully living our truth.

Ask yourself?

  • If I knew I was free, what would I do?
  • If I was free of judgment, of obligation, of fear… what would I do?

 And then ask yourself…

  • Am I doing that?

 And if NOT…

  • What is the reason that I’m not living the life I want to live?

 ➤ Remember, every day, every minute, the precious seconds tick by. 

One incredible gift from COVID and the tectonic change it’s wrought through so much of our way of living is the opportunity it’s given us to ask:

  • What the bleep do I want? 
  • What’s important to me?
  • Who’s important to me?
  • What’s not important?

Personal leadership is being able to identify and claim these truths, to give ourselves permission to live an authentic life, and committing to creating it and living it, no matter the cost.


➤ To live an authentic life we must get really clear on:

  • What is a YES, and what’s a NO for you?
  • What are you available for and what are you NOT available for?
  • What needs to go from your life?
  • What needs to come into your life?

And here comes the toughy…

  • Are you prepared to do what it takes to stand by your truth fiercely and firmly, even if it seems weird and freaky?

This can feel so damn scary, because there is a high probability that your truth doesn’t look like the polite, “good girl / good boy” script you’ve been told to follow to be successful and safe, to fit-in and be loved.







Oh! What a liberation when we realise that there is no damn “normal” and we can stop wasting time, energy and money trying to be something that doesn’t exist and certainly isn’t our truth!

When we dive into our own lives and go…

“This is what I love!”

“This is what I don’t love.”

“This is who I really am!”

This is when freedom becomes an option. It’s only when you own your truth that can you start to…

  • Create your One Precious Life
  • Strip away the stuff that isn’t true for you
  • Stop seeking everybody else’s permission to live your life.

The first part of leadership is understanding what it is we want our lives to be. 

The second part is recognising that our life has a price tag – and determining what that cost is.

How much money do you need to pay for your chosen FREAKY lifestyle?

When you know your FREAKY life’s monthly price tag you can calculate the value of assets and investments you need to pay for your lifestyle without having to work.

This is your financial freedom number and if you don’t know what it is it’s impossible to start the journey towards achieving it. 

As the saying goes…

If you don’t know where
“there” is, any old road will do

And since we’ve already determined that any old road will NOT do for those of us determined to actually live rather than just exist, you’d better get clear on your destination.

If you don’t yet know your own unique Financial Freedom Numberclick this link to go to an article that walks you through the steps to calculate it.

  • Financial Leadership means creating the vision of your One Precious Life and understanding the it’s price tag.
  • Financial Management means putting in place the systems and processes to bring the vision to life – and then actually doing the work!




And it requires you to do the sh*t over and over again.

Wealth is a habit.

Wealth is created by consistently following a set of great money rules.


You are never going to create the wealthy life you want if you don’t tell money what you want it to do. 

Most people work really hard to bring money into their lives… and then they just ignore it. 

It’s a bit like this…

You decide you’re ready for a fantastic relationship, so you get your perfect profile up on an online dating site… you wade through endless matches… you spend hours of your life swiping left and right… you remember it’s about weeding out, not standing out… and finally there seems to be someone worth going on a coffee date with. 

You tart yourself up, you shave and pluck and wax and squeeze yourself into that perfect number that shows off all your good bits.

You stare at the door of your designated coffee meeting spot and the love of your life comes walking in…


you chicken out and look the other way.

Then you wonder why you don’t have the relationship you want and bitch and moan to anyone who’ll listen about how unfair life is and how you can’t understand why you’re so unlucky. 

This is what most people do with money. 

They work really hard to get it but as soon as it lands in their life they look the other way… and then set about getting rid of it!

Why? The reason is this: we’ve been taught how to earn it and how to spend it, but not what to do with the in-between bits.

You have to get clear on what you want from your money and how to direct it so it can work for you. 

  • What do you need from money in the short term? 
  • What are you saving for? 
  • What are your longer term financial goals?
  • How much do you need to be putting into investments and assets to achieve your financial freedom number? 


❝ Money is an amazing
servant but a terrible master ❞

Most people are slaves to a terrible master.

Money management is about giving money instructions so you become the master and money gets to serve you

Money loves to serve.

Money flows to those who value it, who give it attention and tell it what they want. 

Become a great master to your money by putting in place a simple and effective money management system like “Wealth Pie”  which you’ll find in The Wealth Chef book.

Financial leadership and management are Pillar #1 because…

  • you can start investing, you can blitz your debt, you can put your wealth protection systems in place, you can bring in multiple streams of income, you can expand your knowledge, but…
  • if you don’t get clear on what your One Precious Life is all about – and commit to creating and living it – you’ll end up living someone else’s version. 

And that’s the most heartbreaking thing in the world.

Defining what your truth is sets your destination. 

Having a way to direct and manage your money creates the river banks for your life to get you there.

With your river banks set in the direction of YOUR version of the life YOU want to live, you can pour money and life force into it and trust where it will take you.

Without river banks, the flow is just a big puddle.

That’s what most people’s financial life is. 

A big messy muddy money puddle.



On our the Facebook Community Page (which is free to join) please share with me:

  • The one thing you would do if you knew you were free?
  • One action you can take now to become the leader you need to be of your amazing One Precious Life?

Remember, your wealth and financial wellbeing is created by tiny steps consistently taken. 

Keep taking the steps, no matter how insignificant they may seem. 

They add up.


Big love